GeoThreat is a U.S based research and analysis organization providing corporate and governmental assessments in
    the fields of:

  • Strategic threat analysis  
  • Terrorism analysis   
  • Military research.  

    The complex and inherently dangerous nature of many aspects of the globalized world requires that comprehensive
    and up-to-date research and analysis of threats are made to ensure global business and government strategies are
    employed to most effectively follow the path of least resistance.  GeoThreat  intends to plug this information gap using
    geographical based research & analysis techniques to identify strategic threats and carry out terrorism analysis.

    Moreover, GeoThreat caters specifically to  the video gaming industry and other corporate entities who require specific
    and comprehensive analyses of military events that can be easily translated into systems or object based formats for
    project development purposes. GeoThreat utilizes a systems based scientific technique to accurately partition military
    research into objects so they can be easily translated by computer analysts into specifications for developers.

    GeoThreat caters to the following clients:

  • Corporate clients who request strategic level threat assessments of lesser developed regions
  • Governmental clients requiring independent and objective analyses of threats
  • The video gaming industry who require military research for historical simulations
  • Other corporate entities who require military research and terrorism analysis

    All research is carried out utilizing GeoThreat's information network comprising academic institutions, an extensive
    library of defense & security literature and when necessary investigative missions. Strategic threat analysis, terrorism
    analysis and military research are each geographically orientated using either system’s based, geo-strategic or geo-
    historical research and analysis methodologies that also incorporate GIS systems to organize and interpret spatial
    data. Once analytical constructs have been prepared coherent, accurate, concise and well referenced paper and
    electronic based reports and powerpoint presentations can be produced per client specifications.

    GeoThreat Corporation is a highly specialized and independent profit organization. This ensures clients receive only
    the very best quality work that reflects an unbiased and comprehensive analysis of the facts within their true contextual
    framework. We only report the details that matter.

    A profit organization that uses geographic methods and technologies to research & analyse strategic threats, terrorism and military events
Exploratory Research. Objective Analysis.