GeoThreat was formed in early 2005 as a profit based research & analysis organization. It caters to corporate
    and governmental clients who interact with regions, cultures and individuals residing in lesser developed regions
    of the planet. Moreover, GeoThreat caters to the ever increasing video gaming industry and their ongoing quest
    to develop accurate historical simulations of military conflicts.

    The complex and inherently dangerous nature of many aspects of the globalized world requires the
    comprehensive research and analysis of threats to ensure global business and government strategies are
    effectively employed.  GeoThreat intends to fill this information gap using geographical based research &
    analysis techniques that orientate spatial data within local and global contexts in order to analyse it contextually.

    Moreover, an additional feature of GeoThreat is catering to the video gaming industry and other corporate entities
    who require specific and comprehensive analyses of military events that can be easily translated into systems or
    object based formats for I.T based development purposes. GeoThreat utilizes a systems based scientific
    technique to accurately partition data into objects that can be easily translated by computer analysts into
    specifications for developers.  


    GeoThreat Corporation is a geographically orientated U.S based research and analysis organization providing
    objective, descriptive and exploratory threat based and historical analyses in the fields of strategic affairs,
    terrorism and military history for corporate and governmental clients. GeoThreat has three primary goals:

    1.        To be objective
    2.        To be faithful to the client
    3.        To be clear, concise and accurate   
    4.        To report the details that matter

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Exploratory Research. Objective Analysis.