Executives & Consultants

    The president of GeoThreat Corporation is Dr. David T.H Osborne. Mr Osborne has PhD and
    Master's degrees in Defence and Strategic Studies, each specialising in terrorism, and an
    undergraduate degree in Chinese Language & Culture. Mr Osborne originates from New Zealand
    so subsequently his strategic interest in China, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific is foremost in
    the strategic analysis capabilities of GeoThreat.

    GeoThreat utilizes academics and consultants when able to meet client needs. This ensures client
    specificity can be matched with the knowledge bases that are available. However, all work once
    completed is verified within GeoThreat by in-house consultants as part of a quality control process. If
    you would like to be listed as a consultant for GeoThreat Corporation please e-mail your resume to
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Exploratory Research. Objective Analysis.