Consulting with GeoThreat

    GeoThreat employs a pool of academics and consultants to meet client
    needs. This ensures client specificity can be matched with the knowledge
    bases we have available. However, all work once completed is verified
    within GeoThreat by in-house consultants as part of a quality control

    GeoThreat is currently looking for security analysts, strategic analysts and
    defence analysts to work as consultants for GeoThreat. If you are familiar
    with the geographical concepts listed on this site and particularly familiar
    with any of the following experience areas, please see below for contact

    1. Strategic affairs in China, South-East Asia and the South Pacific.
    2. Terrorism research and analysis.  
    3.  Military history; particularly modern or ancient warfare

    If you would like to be listed as a consultant with GeoThreat Corporation
    please e-mail your resume to Ensure you list
    your availability, experience and field of speciality. Moreover, please list
    any technical skills you might have such as experience with GIS

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