Strategic Threat Research, Analysis & Assessments

    This form of analysis is ideally directed at corporations and
    governmental entities that require high level threat analyses of
    regions. Generally, a regions representation both globally and
    locally are evaluated for instability and than assessed based on
    the clients needs.
                              Military Research

    This form of analysis is ideally suited for video game developers.
    GeoThreat researches military events and provides information in object
    orientated formats that can be easily translated into specifications by
    business analysts and programmers.
            Terrorism Research, Analysis & Assessments

    Terrorism research is a specialty of GeoThreat Corporation. Due
    to the extensive nature of the terrorism  field information is derived
    per clients needs. Generally, GeoThreat can provide a wide range
    of organizational analyses from full assessment reports of terrorist
    organizations to profiling terrorist cells within specific terrorist
                    Reports, Power-point, PDF

    All report are professionally bound and can also be supplied as
    PDF files. If needed, power-point presentations can also be
    developed. For further information regarding these services e-
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Exploratory Research. Objective Analysis.