GeoThreat's clients include corporate and governmental entities whose operations extend into lesser developed
    regions of the world. It also includes corporations whose industry depends on military information for product
    development such as video gaming entities.

    Boundaries & Limitations

    GeoThreat narrows its research & analysis processes to ensure quality work. The following boundaries and
    limitations are maintained:

  • Strategic affairs research, analysis and assessments are restricted to threats located in China, Southeast Asia
    and the South Pacific.

  • Terrorism research and analysis includes all terrorist organizations recognized by the U.S Dept. Of State and
    incorporates their organizational and operational components. However, GeoThreat particularly specializes in
    the analysis of terrorist cells (cellular analysis).

  • Historical military research and analysis is limited to modern warfare. However, based on requirements earlier
    military events can also be researched.

  • Clients must exist as corporations or governmental entities. We do not cater to individuals.

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